The Magnetic Theatre was founded in 2009 in Asheville, North Carolina, by Artistic Director Steve Samuels, Producer Chall Gray, and Playwrights-in-Residence John Crutchfield and Lucia del Vecchio with the mission of producing world premiers of new dramatic works. The company's first production was Crutchfield's award-winning presentation of his one-man show, The Songs of Robert, at the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival. Beyond the core members, the company includes a pool of local actors, writers, directors and technicians who share the company's core values. Since its founding, the company has produced six full-length Crutchfield plays (The Songs of Robert, Ruth, The Labyrinth, Solstice, Landscape With Missing Person, and The Strange and Tragical Adventures of Pinocchio) as well as two shorter works (Interstice/Larkspur and Portrait). The company has also premiered full-length works by Steve Samuels, Lucia del Vecchio, David Eshelman, Julian Vorus, and Jim Julien. See for more information.

My Favorite Leg Theatrical Company (previously Jynormous Theatre Company) is a “virtual” performance group founded in 2004 by writer and theatre artist John Crutchfield. MFL is committed to bringing together multi-talented artists for the creation and promotion of new, interdisciplinary performance, with an empasis on fusing high-energy poetic language with arresting imagery, live music, and dynamic movement. Company members change from project to project, and have included Derek Gagnier, Lara Marshall, Andrea Koch, Julia Horn, Emily Daughtridge, Alex Smith, Joe Sturgeon, Anne-Marie Welty, Julie Gillum, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Larua Tratnik and Erik Moellering. MFL’s inaugural project was the premier of a new full-length, two-actor version of Crutchfield’s The Songs of Robert, an original lyric drama with live music, which opened at Watauga High School before moving to Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Boone, North Carolina. See the home page of this website for current MFL projects.

Blue Shift Theatre Ensemble is a group of multi-talented artists committed to the production of new plays and to expanding the forms of theater through interdisciplinary collaboration. Along with these artistic aims, Blue Shift was founded with the social purpose of making professional theater available at low cost to schools and communities. The company began in 1994 as a collaboration between actor Eric Johnson and writer John Crutchfield. Their first project was Brother John, a full-length one-man show about John Keats, written by Crutchfield, performed by Johnson, and directed by Sarah Miller. Keith Rokoske was technical director. The company went on to produce ur-versions of Crutchfield’s verse plays The Songs of Robert and Ruth, as well as the physical comedy SPORT, and The Fatherhood Project. Other members have included designer Chris Todd, actors Brandon Roberts and Chris Chalk, manager Tamara Hubbard, and cinematographer Adam Larsen. The company is currently on hiatus.